To add an assignment:

  1. Click on the tab icon in the top left-hand corner:

2. Click on the 'Timesheet' tab:

3. You will be presented with the following screen (for your current month):

4. From here, click on the day you wish to log an assignment for:

5. Click 'Add Line' to add a new assignment.

6. Shown below - select your Project, Task, Details, Start time and End time. You can also add any additional notes. Once you have completed this, click 'Done' in the top right-hand corner. 

7. You'll be presented with an overview of your assignment. You can click 'Add Line' again to add another assignment for the same day, or click 'Submit Timesheet' to trigger an email to your manager.

8. When submitting your timesheet, the following validation message will come up:


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