As an expense approver, login to the mobile app to approve expenses. Expense requests will have to be approved via the mobile app or through the desktop - currently this cannot be approved via the email as in most cases you'll need to review the expense report in the system first (receipts etc.)

  1. Click the tab icon in the top left-hand corner, and select the 'Expenses' tab:

2. You will be brought to all pending requests that you can view. For this action, click 'Expenses':

3. Select the request you wish to view, in this case there is only one expense request pending:

4. This will show all expenses for that one report request. You can click into each expense to view the information and an image of the receipt. If you are happy with this information click 'Approve':

5. You will be prompted to input a signature before clicking 'Sign' to confirm:

Once approved or declined, an email will be triggered to the employee to confirm. 


Customer Services Team.

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