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Creating an API key
Creating an API key

Generate API Key from People®

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When using some external tools in conjunction with People®, you may be prompted to create an API key.

To do this please follow the below instructions:

  1. Click on the Settings tab in your PeopleHR system

  2. Click the API tab from here

  3. Select the plus icon

You will then be presented with this screen:

4. Name your API key 

5. You have the option to specify certain IP addresses to restrict the use of this key outside of work (for example).

6. By Selecting a specific API category, you will be presented with all available endpoints in relation to that category. For example, by clicking on the 'Employee' option, you will see:

This is so that if a user needs access to create a new employee record for example, you don't need to give them access to all other employee information. 

7. Once you have clicked Save, you can select the Copy icon to copy this to your clipboard.

You can then paste this (Ctrl + V) where required. 


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