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ATS - Request Job Approvals (Employee or Manager)
ATS - Request Job Approvals (Employee or Manager)

Create a vacancy and send for approval

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As an employee or a manager on the PeopleHR system, you may be able to request job approvals - this will depend on your PeopleHR licenses as well as your level of access chosen by the system admin. If you do not have access, the ATS tab will not be presented. 

To do this:

  1. Click on the ATS 

  2. Click the + icon

3. You will be taken to the 'Vacancy Details' tab first. 

  • Give the vacancy a name. Unless adding a specific job title in the 'Job Information' tab, this will be the name of the vacancy shown to potential applicants. 

  • Instead of filling out all details manually, you can use the 'Copy From' tool to quickly import from existing vacancies and edit from there. 

  • Information you add in the 'Summary' text box will be presented if you choose to post the job link on social media. 

  • Specify a company, location, and department for this job role. 

  • Status, you are unable to change this until the vacancy has been saved for the first time. 

  • Vacancy type - All vacancies on set as External are publicly available and can be found on your job board. Internal vacancies will not be posted anywhere unless manually actioned by yourself or another user with access to this vacancy. 

  • Add a closing date - this is optional. 

  • You can edit the vacancy reference to suit your internal processes.

  • Add any comments about this vacancy - this information is not displayed publicly. 

4. Select the 'Job Information' tab

  • If not blank, this will be the name of the vacancy. If blank, the vacancy will be displayed as the vacancy name in the first tab. 

  • Enter details of salary range if necessary - optional.

  • Specify experience if required - optional. 

  • Specify a City and Country. Although optional fields, this is mandatory if you wish to utilise our integration with Glassdoor and Indeed job boards. For more information on this area, please see:

  • Use our rich text editor to write out the job description. You can also add files and images into the editor.

5. Next is the 'Questions' tab

  • You can select whether or not you wish for a covering letter and/or CV to be uploaded. 

    • Turn ON = making it mandatory for an applicant to upload a covering letter and/or CV.

    • Turn OFF = removing the option for an applicant to upload a covering letter and/or CV.

  • Upload application form - here you can upload a blank application form. When a candidate applies, they have the option to download this, fill out the details, and re-upload. 

  • Source - This is the drop-down list of what an applicant can select as their source of where they applied or heard about the vacancy. You can select 'Manage This List' to add, edit or delete an option. 

  • For information on all the different question types you can create and how, please see the article:

  • Please note! Once a vacancy has been created and made live, no changes should be made to any of the question types (adding or editing). Existing and future applicant records may be affected otherwise. 

  • Quick Tip: If questions may be the same or very similar to those in a different vacancy, flick back to the first tab of creating a vacancy and use the 'Copy From' tool. This will import all vacancy information from another vacancy, you can then edit the specifics from there.

6. Click 'Save' - this has now sent a request email to the approver. 

Once approved/declined, a confirmation email will be sent back to you. 


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