August 2018 Release (Part 2)
Fixes and Enhancements
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-Query Builder Enhancements- 

Below you will find many enhancements to the query builder and details of what they do. For a full list of additional fields recently added to the query builder, please see:

SI-2982 - We have split the address line fields so that they can be reported on separately. We also added more options in the query builder to report/audit on deleted Timesheets, Assignments was also added. You now also have the ability to report on which users have Edited Access Rights.

SI-2919 - Query Builder additions also include the option to report/audit on documents found in an Applicant’s record, including deleted files and the date/time this was updated or deleted.

SI-2924 - Two new fields have been added to the Holiday section in the Query Builder to view when a holiday was deleted/updated and by who.

SI-2971 - In order for admins to audit on deleted salary records, we have added three new fields within the query builder under the ‘Salary’ section.

SI-2925 - Deleted Other Events and Sicknesses will now follow the same as deleted holiday records in the query builder. Deleted records will only be included in the query if the relevant option is ticked:

  • Deleted Holiday

  • Deleted Other Event Record (Yes/No)

  • Deleted Sick Record (Yes/No)

SI-3013 - In the query builder, the following ‘Date Updated’ fields will now also show time it was changed:

  • Sick Updated On

  • Document Updated Date

  • Bradford Factor Updated Date

  • Login Date 

  • Deleted Date (from Deleted User area)

The above will also now be presented as ending in 'DateTime'. As we are including Date and Time in one single field, the following time fields will be removed to be combined with date fields.

  • Document Updated Time

  • Bradford Factor Updated Time

  • Login Time 

  • Deleted Time (from Deleted User area)

SI-3037 - The correct data will successfully pull through when using the ‘Before (Days)’ and ‘After (Days)’ filters against a logbook date within the query builder.

SI-2368 - If an employee’s entitlement is measured in hours, using the query builder to report on remaining entitlement in days previously calculated this based on the hours within the employee’s work pattern at that point in time. If the employee had a number of work pattern changes, this caused confusion with the value provided and in some cases was showing as a negative figure. Now, the calculation will look at the default daily working hours in the Settings and therefore is not affected if any changes are made to the specific employee record.

SI-3109 -
A correction has been made to allow the ability to apply more than one filter when querying on Analysis Codes. 

SI-2915 - Code changes have been made to correct a format issue in the query builder where previously grouping by ‘Start Date’ were presenting all dates as January. 

SI-3096 - When filtering on a date field, there will now be another option called ‘Last X days’. This will allow you to filter on any dates within the last X amount of days.

-Other Fixes & Enhancements- 

SI-3039 - We have added a validation to prevent documents being saved with a double hyphen (--) in the document name. As double hyphens are unsupported on People, this was causing error messages when trying to open the document.

SI-3045 - Changes have been made to the Other Event Request email to state that this is an Other Event, not a holiday request.  

SI-2828 - A validation message will occur if trying to add a document with the following invalid characters: ^ < > ~ ` \ | 

SI-3098 - We have corrected the language preference settings to ensure holiday approval emails come through based on the user’s language preference.  

SI-3066 - When adding a new applicant via the API, they will now show in the correct ‘Pipeline’ query filters. 

SI-3062 - We have corrected an error where in some dependant cases, users were unable to reject applicants within the ATS area. 

SI-3108 - Bulk action ‘Accruals’ function should only be available for employees whose entitlement is measured in hours. Data corrections have been made to ensure anyone who is measured in days has this option turned off. 

SI-3041 - When adding a holiday via the mobile app, the request email sent to the approver was always showing as (PM) next to the duration. This is now been resolved and will only show the correct AM/PM if less than a days duration.


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