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How to embed internal and external vacancies on the company website through an RSS feed
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You would be able to use the RSS feed, taken from your ATS Settings, to link vacancies directly into your company website.

A web developer would have to integrate this with your website - we provide the RSS feed that allows you to do this, however as People Support team do not have access to your official website, it is not something that can be actioned on our side.

The way the RSS feed works is it provides a list of all open vacancies. Each vacancy has a number of attributes, i.e. Vacancy title, description, salary range, etc, etc. Viewers will click on this vacancy and be taken to the Job Page in People®.

To locate your RSS feed: 

  1. Login to People HR.

  2. Go to the 'Settings' tab

  3. Within settings, go to the 'ATS' tab

  4. Within the ATS tab, go to the RSS feed, this will provide two URL's (one internal URL and one external URL).

You can provide these to your Web department so that they can embed this onto your company website or company intranet. The RSS feed will pull through all active open vacancies from the ATS, depending on the option you select (internal, external, both) when creating the vacancy.

The RSS feed will automatically update when you add, edit or delete a vacancy.

We have provided some code samples below, which your web team can use if they want to. You can use whichever programming language you prefer, these sample use php.

Loading and displaying the Vacancies feed on your website, is principally similar to loading and displaying a XML file on your website


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