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People® Bulk Salary Updater Tool
People® Bulk Salary Updater Tool

Learn how to update your People® employee salary data from an excel spreadsheet

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This program will allow you to update employee salaries from a CSV file in bulk. The program will create a new salary record for the employee, leaving their previous record as a historical salary.

1. Download the Salary Updater Tool  HERE

You'll then be presented with this screen: 

2. This contains two files; the Updater Tool and the CSV template. Select both and click 'Download'. 

3. When opening the template, you'll see that the first four lines are examples. Once you've had a look at these and familiarised, you can remove the examples and place with real data. 

Things to note: 

  • The column orders must not be re arranged. 

  • Columns A, G, I & J are mandatory.

  • The program will look at column A for the ID, Column G for the new salary, Column I for the reason as to why the salary is being changed, and J for the currency. 

  • It is advised to test with 1 or two employees to ensure you are comfortable with how this tool works - errors cannot be deleted in bulk. 

  • Although the attached file is Excel, you must always save as CSV to use with the program.

4. Open the Tool file:

5. You will be required to paste in an API key in the Settings area of this tool. The API key must contain access to the salary record - on how to create an API key, please see:

6. Select an effective date for the new salary. 

7. Select the output location - this is where you wish for the audit to save to once you have run the tool. The audit will provide validation messages as to what has uploaded and if there were any problems. 

8. Click 'Update People' - once clicking this you are able to select the salary CSV file you wish to update with. 

9. Click 'Open'

Please note: You must ensure that any tool/software that you use is kept up to date with the most recent version. This is to ensure you are up to date with any bug fixes and will avoid errors. 


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