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What is a 360 review, how to set up, invitations and re-invites.

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If you are an employee and you are looking for a walkthrough on how to complete a 360 review, please see:

This article is based around how to set up 360 reviews, how to send invitations and answering common questions asked by Admins and Managers. 


--What is a 360 Review in PeopleHR?--

As an admin, when creating a performance review you have the option to add questions to a 360 segment. If questions are added, managers or admins can invite an employee's colleague to fill out these questions in relation to that employee.

As an example, Employee A is completing their Performance Review and you would like to invite Employee B to answer some 360 questions about Employee A. This will be logged on Employee A's review. 

--How do I add a 360 segment?--

As an admin, when creating a performance review you have a 360 segment - shown below:

On how to create a performance review, please see:

--How to invite an employee to complete a 360?--

Only admins and managers are able to do this. 

  1. Go into an Employee's profile

  2. Select their Performance tab

  3. Select the 360 segment tab at the top

  4. Click the plus icon '+'

  5. Select the employee you wish to answer these questions. 

Re-inviting - If you wish re invite an employee to prompt them to complete, just click on the plus icon and type their name in again. You will see under the 'Status' that they have been 'Re-invited'. 

--What happens next?--

The employee who has been invited to complete a 360 review will get an email - this will look similar to the one below:

The employee has the option to click the link and complete, or click the second link to decline the invitation. On how an employee completes this review, please see:

--Who can see this feedback and where? --

By going into an employee's performance review and selecting the 360 tab, Admins and Managers will be able to view all employees who have been invited to submit 360 feedback for this specific employee, the status, and having the option to 'See Responses' per user. 

Employees cannot view this tab - although employees are able to complete their review in the 'Performance' area, they do not have the 360 tab and cannot see the feedback submitted by their colleagues. It would be up to the admin or manager to show the employee their colleague's feedback at their own discretion. 

--Can I get a report of this feedback?--

Admins can build a query on this information to have all answers in one report. On how to build a query, please see:


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