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(Admin Only) Build a query on Applicant/Vacancy information
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The query builder lets you extract information from the system into the form of a report, which you are then able to export into CSV format and also print from there. The focus of this article is how to build a report on Applicants and vacancies.

For more information on the query builder itself, please see: http://help.peoplehr.com/reports-and-queries/queries-how-to-create-a-query

To browse a list of all of our query articles, please see: https://help.peoplehr.com/reports-queries-data  


1. Click on the 'Queries' tab

2. Select the plus '+' icon to create a new query.

3. When you first create a query, the options available are in relation to the employees you have in the system. If you wish to report on applicants in your ATS instead, the first need to select the 'Vacancy' and 'Applicant' selected areas:

4. Once selected, the other three columns will populate with fields within the ATS that you can report on. Select the fields you wish to include. 

EXAMPLE: I would like to report on all applicants, the vacancy that they are in, their email address and the date they were added. Vacancy and Applicant name are pre-selected so I just need to select 'Applicant Email' and 'Applicant Added On' - shown below:

5. Once you have chosen your selected areas, click the 'Next' button to go into the filters area. Keep in mind that the query will pull through everything selected. So if you have had thousands of applicants from closed vacancies in the past, these applicants will also pull through if you do not use the filters. 

EXAMPLE: I know that all applicants who would have applied last year would be in a closed vacancy on my system. So I only want to see this information for all applicants who have applied to a vacancy this year. I have filtered the 'Applicant Added On' field to only show applicants 'This Year' - shown below:

Another example of what you can do in this area is filter to only show applicants in a specific vacancy. 

6. Once you are happy with the filters, click 'Next' to be presented with this screen:

7. Name your query and select a category if necessary. You will then be presented with your report. If you wish to export into Excel, click the 'Export To' button in the top right-hand corner. 


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