November Release 2018
Fixes and Enhancements
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SI-2973/SI-3317 - The ability to edit analysis codes within the employee’s tab is now included when giving proxy access to ‘Personal’.The ability to edit analysis codes within the employee’s tab is now included when giving proxy access to ‘Personal’.

SI-2771 - When adding an applicant via the API, those who are selected to receive ‘New Applicant’ notifications will receive the related email. 

SI-3104 - If employee address line 1 is blank, address line 2 will stay in this field and not replace address line 1. 

SI-3322 - If a user has proxy access to ‘Reports’, they will be able to view the standard reports in PeopleHR - those pre made by the system. 

SI-3423 - We’ve have adapted the optimisation of the chart view within the Report Writer to avoid overlapping data. 

SI-3381 - If you have default settings per Location, these will be applied to an employee when added via the API or through employee data load. This includes location-specific default Work Pattern, Full Time Hours, Holiday Year, Public Holiday Template and Holiday Entitlement. 

For more information on how to set this up, please see:

SI-3475 - We have corrected a case where an address added to a new employee via the Bulk Actions data load was formatting into the Address Line 1 field only. 

SI-3407 - When rehiring an employee, users will not be able to bypass their Full Time Entitlement - this is a mandatory field.

SI-3409 - We have rectified the welcome email where in some cases had been formatting differently to normal. 

SI-3415 - As per the automatic entitlement calculation changes, we can confirm that the ‘This Year’ value in Planner Settings will include TOIL and Carryover. 

SI-3420 - Full Time Entitlement is a mandatory field when assigning a work pattern to an employee. If changing their work pattern at a later date, this figure will pre populate based on previous settings. We have also made a slight change to the tool when calculating pro rata entitlement - when calculating the fraction of the year worked, this will be: No. Days Worked / 365


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