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Set access for each logbook and editing access rights

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This article will cover how to:

  • Specify the user audience for each logbook

  • Specify if the employee and/or their manager can access logbook

  • Give an individual user admin status to a single/multiple logbook screens. 

--User Audience--

You may have a logbook that is specific to a certain group of users, i.e sales team to log their daily targets, or the support team for customer calls. You can specify who each logbook will be available for. 

  1. Click the 'Settings' tab

  2. Click 'Logbook' 

  3. Click the eye icon next to the logbook you wish to specify access to:

4. Follow the instructions as shown in the below screenshot:

5. Click 'Save'.

This logbook will then appear in the employee's logbook list within their employee record:

--Manager and/or employee access--

Once you have specified a user audience, you can also set whether or not you wish for the employee and their manager can view/edit this logbook in the employee's individual record. 

You may have a logbook against an employee record but only wish to be viewed by HR admins, or a logbook that employee's can fill out but is not viewable to their manager. 

  1. Click the 'Settings' tab

  2. Click 'Logbook' 

  3. Select the logbook screen you wish to edit:

4. Use the Employee Access and Manager Access drop down to specify who has access to this logbook within the employee's record.

5. Remember to click 'Save'.

--Give admin access to a specific logbook--

You can give a user edited access rights to a single or multiple logbook screens. An example of when you may use this if the head of department needs access to buy/sell holiday requests, or the first aider having access to medical information.

By filtering per company, location, department, this user will be able to view and/or update anyone's logbook who fall under these filters. 

1. Go into the employee's record whose access rights you wish to edit

2. In their Overview, under ‘Quick Actions’, click ‘Edit Access Rights’

3. Click on the blue ‘Edit Access Rights’ button.

4. Use the filters at the top to specify who this user will have access to (later you will specify which areas of their record). 

4. Scroll down to the bottom of the edit access rights options to find the Logbook Access Settings section:

This list will not only include all pre-loaded logbooks, but if you have the logbook designer, will also include all of your custom logbooks.

5. Next to each logbook you wish to give additional access to, use the drop down to specify whether this user will have access to view only or update this logbook. 

6. Click 'Save'.

For more on Edit Access Rights as a whole, please click here.


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