You have the ability to edit the access of a logbook screen. To do this:

1. Go into any employees record
(You'll still be editing the logbook setting as a whole)

2. Click the 'Logbook' tab

3. Use the drop-down box to go into the logbook you wish to edit

4. Click on the plus icon:

Click the pencil icon next to the title:

You will then be presented with this screen:

From here you can specify who has access to this screen.

Employee - The employee can Update, View or not have access to their own logbook
Manager - Manager can Update, View or not have access to their employee's logbook

If you have selected to 'Update', you can also specify approvers:

If you choose to add an approver, if the logbook is added/updated/deleted, the approver will get an email of this. They can then approve/decline this from the Authorisations tab.

Article on Authorisations tab:

--Giving an individual access to logbooks--

If you're looking to provide a certain person access to logbooks, the above instructions won't be the way to go. Instead, you can edit their access rights. For more on editing access rights, please see:


Customer Services Team.

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