The query builder lets you extract information from the system into the form of a report, which you are then able to export into CSV format and also print from there. The focus of this article is how to build a holiday report. 

For more information on the query builder itself, please see:

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Please Note: This article explains how to build a query on booked holidays. If you wish to run a report on holiday entitlement, please see:  


--Building the query --

First you will need to click on the Queries tab and select the plus icon. From here:

1. Click the 'Holidays' field in the first column

2. In the next three columns, scroll down to the holiday information. 

3. Select all information you wish to include in this query. For the query to be most useful, you'll at least want to select the fields 'Holiday Start Date', 'Holiday End Date',  'Holiday Durations (Days)' and 'Holiday Status'

4. Click Next - you are now in the 'Filters and Options' page

5. By default, this will bring up all holiday requests (Approved, Rejected and Pending). Unless running a report on rejected holidays, you'll probably want to filter these out. You can do this by filtering the 'Holiday Status' to Does Not Equal Rejected - as shown below:

This will also bring up all holidays that have ever been booked within the system - so you might want to filter for a certain time period, for example This Year, This Month etc. 

There is no need to filter on the end date. 

To filter between two specific dates, you can use the Greater Than and Less than Options. On how to use these filters effectively, please see:

6. Once you have chosen your filters, Click 'Next'.

7. Name your query (you can also select a category and/or write a description of this query. 

8. Click Next and you will be provided with the information requested during set up.

9. If you wish to export or print, click the 'Export' button shown below:


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