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IOS & Android Mobile App Release- February 2019
IOS & Android Mobile App Release- February 2019
Fixes and Enhancements
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SI-3075 - We have enhanced the resolution of expense images being submitted via the mobile app on Android devices. 

SI-3349 - Admins will now have the ability to choose whether they wish for Pulse answers to be anonymous or not. 

SI-3376 - Changes have been made to improve the performance and loading times when submitting an expense claim. 

SI-3457 - In some case when attempting to access the My Events tab via the mobile app, the page had crashed - this has now been rectified. 

SI-3458 - We have corrected a case where the pop up was blank when viewing a booked holiday via the mobile app. 

SI-3461 - We have made a slight change to the validation message when booking a holiday or other event in the mobile app - this is to confirm that ‘Duration cannot be zero’. 

SI-3624 - When an admin changes an other event reason to ‘Not In Use’, this will not be visible/available to request on the web version or the mobile app.


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