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How an employee can request an Other Event
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If you're an Admin or manager and would like to know how to add an other event to an employee's record, please click here.

Admins may have set up Other Event reasons for you to book time off that isn't a holiday. A few examples of these may be:

  • Jury Duty

  • Dentist Appointment

  • Unpaid Leave

  • Study Leave

  • Doctors appointment

To book an other event: 

  1. Click on the 'Me' tab

  2. Click on the 'Planner' tab

  3. Select the first day of your holiday on the holiday line:

4. Fill in the required fields, use the drop down box to specify the other event reason.

5. Click 'Save'

This will send an authorisation request to the specified approver. In most cases this would be your manager, however admin can set up specific authorisation rules for these to be directed to someone else. 

You can also now book two other events on the same day - to do this, first book your other event as normal in your planner.

Once you have completed the first booking, simply book that same day again. Note that the two bookings can only be booked up to the maximum period of 1 day, or the number of hours in the employee work pattern for that specific day.


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