April 2019 Integration Release
Fixes and Enhancments
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SI-3793 - A number of additional payslip formats have been configured to our Payslip loader tool.

SI-3822 - We have corrected the logic that was affecting overnight workers adding timesheets. 

SI-3825 - We’ve included the ability to add other event and sickness hours to the summarised report within the Timesheet Report plugin and enhanced logic behind some fields. 

SI-3836 - Additional logic has been added so that the Mail Merge tool respects the API rate limit when required. 

SI-3790 - We have corrected a case where the account name from People was not pulling through to TT Payroll via our official integration. 

SI-3776 - A correction has been made on the cost centre and FTE codes within our Moorepay integration


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