Contracted hours
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Contracted hours are determined within an employee's work pattern within their planner. This can be set when first creating an employee in the New Starter Wizard, but you can change this later if and when required. 

Effective date - specify the first day the employee begins on this work pattern. If you are setting them up for the first time, this would be their start date. 

Contracted Hours - this field is pre populated based on what has been added in the work pattern itself. If the contracted hours value is incorrect, this will be down incorrect hours input when first creating the work pattern.

Full Time Hours - specify here the weekly hours worked by a full time employee in the same sector. This information is vital to calculate the correct FTE (Full Time Equivalent) for the employee. 

Full Time Entitlement - how many hours/days holiday does a full time employee receive for a full working holiday year. This information is required to calculate a pro rata entitlement for this employee. 


Take a look at the article below on how to create, assign and change an employee's work pattern:


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