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LogicMelon Integration
LogicMelon Integration
Manage all of your posted jobs in one location and post on various job boards.
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--What is LogicMelon?--

LogicMelon is an award-winning, job posting and candidate management technology platform, offering customised solutions to the recruitment and candidate experience needs for both staffing agencies and corporate HR departments. LogicMelon is integrated with thousands of job boards, not to mention all major social media channels. 

--Our integration--

People's integration with LogicMelon allows a seamless process to post your jobs to multiple destinations. Choose from 3,000+ posting destinations, including all major job boards as well as niche sites for industry specific recruiting needs.

Customize your candidate workflow by determining how a candidate applies for your posted jobs, ensuring a positive experience. Manage all of your posted jobs in one location, creating a streamlined recruitment process.

--Setting up--

When you create a live vacancy within the ATS on PeopleHR, it will go into a 'holding area' within LogicMelon. You can then select which job boards you wish for each vacancy to.

Requirements - For this integration, you will need:

  • The ATS license on PeopleHR

  • A LogicMelon account

Let's get started..

  1. Click the 'Settings' tab in PeopleHR

  2. Click the 'API' tab

  3. Click the plus icon to create a new API key:

4. Name your API key, and ensure it has access to all ATS endpoints:

5. Click Save and copy your API key to paste it in later steps:

6. Go to and go to PeopleHR Settings (If this is the first time you have accessed this page please register via the option in the top right corner with your PeopleHR Admin login details. 

7. Click the tab labelled 'LogicMelon Settings':

8. Paste in the API key from LogicMelon, previously created. 

9. Type in you Username and Password (this is your LogicMelon credentials)

10. Click 'Activate Sync'.

11. Your vacancies should be pulled through to your LogicMelon account within 10 minutes and can be found in the 'Vacancies' tab.


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