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My logbook query is blank?
My logbook query is blank?
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One of the main reasons your logbook query is showing a blank screen could be due to similar field names.

With our logbook release, we eliminated the character limits for your field labels so that you can really customise logbooks to create the electronic forms you need - and we've seen some great logbooks so far!

When reporting on this information, the query builder is limited to only 'scan' the first 128 characters of a field name to retrieve the requested data. This means that, although you do not have a character limit for your field labels, there cannot be two fields in one logbook with the first 128 characters that are exactly the same. 

If you have two fields of more than 128 characters that only differ in wording at the end of the sentence/label, a good tip for this would be to add a character/topic overview at the beginning of this field label to be easily distinguished in the query builder.

Using invalid characters when naming logbooks may cause logbook queries to return blank. Please see supported characters here.

If you have any questions on this, or it doesn't look like this is the cause of your logbook query problem, please contact


Customer Services Team.

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