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Give thanks to your colleagues and view who has been thanked through the mobile app
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Thanks badges are a way of thanking colleagues for working extra hard or doing something extra special. All thanks badges awarded can be visible to everyone in your company.  

This article explains how to add and view Thanks on the mobile app. If you would like to know more about the Thanks feature as a whole, or how to add/view on the desktop, please click here.  

Viewing Thanks

If any Thanks badges have been given recently, you can view this on your dashboard when you log into the mobile app:

You can click 'View All' to go to the Thanks area, or you can access this via the main menu:

Here you will be able to view all Thanks badges that have been awarded to and by your colleagues. You can also give thanks to a colleague here. 

Giving Thanks

1. Once you're in the Thanks area, click on the plus icon in the top right hand corner.

2. Select the badge you wish to award a colleague - you can click the 'Info' button to see which skills this badge includes. 

3. Click next, and then select the employee you want to award this to (you can select multiple people). 

4. Click next, type your message and click Send.


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