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Plugins - Missed Time Report
Plugins - Missed Time Report

Send reports to managers showing who in their team have missed their clock in

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This plugin will produce and send a report that shows where an employee has missed their clock in (based on their work pattern) directly to their managers. You can use this if your employees log their clock ins and outs via Tapin|out, or Timesheets on the planner. 

1. First you'll need to create an API key in your People system that has access to all Employee and Timesheet endpoints. You can learn how to create an API key here.

2. Copy the API key to your clipboard as you'll need to paste in a few moments. 

3. Now you have your API key, click on the 'Plugins' tab:

4. Select the tab 'New Requests'

5. Select the 'Missed Time Report' - you will then be presented with this screen:

6. Paste your API key in the first field. 

7. In the 'Managers' field, enter the email address of the manager you wish to receive this report (by email). You can add more than one, and separate with a comma. 

This is the email address that you find in their Personal tab. Each manager will receive this report based on the employees who report into them. 

8. In the last field, enter the number of days into the past the report should pick up on missed clocks. For example 7 days to view all missed clocks in the past week. 

9. Review the information you have entered before clicking 'Submit'. 

This report will be sent to the manager via email, only including the information about their direct reports. If an X has been entered into a specific date this means the day is classed a working day but has no clocking entries.

--Schedule to repeat automatically--

Once you have made a plugin request, you can schedule this Plugin to run automatically. By clicking the 'Schedule' button on the 'Requests' page, you'll be directed to this screen:

  • Description - will be the name of the schedule, so you can see what it is set to at a quick look.

  • Start date - When you wish for the scheduling to start.

  • End date - You can leave this blank if you wish for this to be continuous. 

  • Repeat every - Select how often you want this to repeat

  • Status - You can set this as inactive at any time.

  • Select the days you wish to run this on - you may not wish for notifications to push through on weekends for example.

  • Click 'Save'.

You can view all your schedules plugins in the 'Schedule' tab. 


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