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Mobile - Viewing your planner requests
Mobile - Viewing your planner requests
View the status of your holiday and other event requests on the mobile app
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As an employee, to view the status of your various requests on the mobile app:

  1. Click into the side menu

  2. Select 'View your profile'

3. Click 'Planner'

(You could also use the planner icon at the bottom of the dashboard, however this is the company planner so you will see other user's events here too)

4. You can then tap on the filter underneath the calendar and choose which view you would like between daily, weekly or monthly.

Depending which you select, you will then see any of your requests that fall into that period listed on the screen below with an icon to the right indicating their status

Below you can see there are 3 holidays in the month being viewed each with a different status (in order: Approved, Pending, Declined).

Click on a request to edit or delete - you will only be able to do this for requests in the future. 

To learn how to view expense requests and check approve/decline comments, click here


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