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App permissions and your data
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It might look like our app requires lots of permissions, but that’s only because it can do a lot of stuff! Each permission we request serves a specific purpose, and we never consume one nibble of data more than we need to, in order to provide the service we are contracted to perform.

For reassurance, our terms and conditions set out our legal obligations to processing your data, and we are audited every year on our data protection and information security processes, as part of our ISO27001 certification.

Here is a list of the permissions we request, and what we use these permissions for:

  • Camera. You can deny this permission. This permission lets you take photos of expense receipts from inside the app.

  • Location. You can deny this permission, or only allow it when you’re using the app. We use this for our Tap-In/Tap-Out feature. If you are not using this feature, the app will not use your phone’s location.

  • Microphone. You can deny this permission. This permission lets you store an audio recording in your logbook.

  • Phone. This permission lets you easily call numbers from your organisation’s address book; it also lets us securely close the app if you answer a phone call while using it.

  • Storage. This lets you upload files from your phone to store in your profile, and upload images for expense receipts.

  • Wi-Fi. We use this to see if you’re connected to a network so we know whether we can try uploading expense receipts.

  • Bluetooth. This permission lets you use the Tap-In/Tap-Out feature with a Bluetooth beacon at the entrance to your place of work.

Our app does not let us, or your employer, see any data on your phone or your other apps, unless you specifically ask it to – such as by uploading an expense receipt.

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