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Advanced Document Loader
Advanced Document Loader
Download and learn how to run the advanced document loader tool
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An advanced version of the document loader has been developed that can read a CSV file containing path names and load them into People.

This will upload documents stored on your local computer into each respective employee profile which is entered on the csv file for upload.

Before using this tool you will need to set up and create the following:

Firstly please download the tool from the below sharefile:

Once downloading the advanced document loader from above you will then be required to create an API key containing 'ALL' Employee and Document Endpoints.

For more on how to create an API key please see link:

Next you will need to create a CSV file following the format below:

Description - This field is used to assign the document name for upload.

Path to doc - Copy the path of the file for the specific document and enter into this column for each individual employees documents.

Category - This will be the document category which appears in the list in PeopleHR, this can also be used to create a new document category.

Running the tool-

  1. Open the Advanced document loader tool

2. Copy and Paste the API Key into the 'API' field on the tool.

3. Select the location of the CSV file using the Input CSV field

4. Set the access flags for employees and managers, If selected this will affect all documents and employees and managers will have access to their uploaded documents.

5. Click start upload to upload the documents into PeopleHR.

An audit will be produced with the original columns but a new status at the end Loaded or Error - XXXX so that it can be tried again with the error items if required after filtering out those loaded successfully.


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