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What is Access Identity?
What is Access Identity?
A brief overview of the Access Identity migration
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What is Access Identity?

We are evolving the login process around PeopleHR.

At the Access Group, compliance and consistency are at the centre of everything we do. When it comes to security infrastructure and system architecture, we make maximum investment and take every precaution to guarantee industry-leading standards are upheld.

As all PeopleHR users are now customers of the Access Group, you too get to benefit from the security policies that we refer to as Access Identity.

This new login process is shared across the wide range of products offered by the Access group and will allow our customers to log into other products including Access Workspace.

From May 2021, we are changing the way that you login to PeopleHR via the desktop system and will begin the roll out to all customers starting with Manual authentication users, before SSO and 2FA customers are able to follow this login process there will be steps to complete by the company admin.

This experience will differ slightly, depending on how you currently login to PeopleHR. Please click on the links below, which will provide you with further details for each:

Access Identity for Manual Authentication

When Access Identity has been enabled on your site, all of your users will be redirected to the Access Identity screen to complete the login.

From the first time you login, you will need to set a new password.

Click here to follow the steps for Identity first time login.

Click here to follow first time login for SSO

Click here to follow first time login via 2FA


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