The video below will show you how to configure the three main areas within 'Settings' (located at the bottom of your main menu on the left hand side): 

1. Holidays and Absence

2. Administrators

3. Company

The video also touches on a few of the other settings you can configure from within this tab.

  1. Holidays and Absence:
  • In here you can specify your normal working hours per day.
  •  Select your default working pattern.

Within the dropdown list, you can also select 'Add New Work Pattern' and this is where you can specify your own. In here, you should add how many hours this employee works per day and also specify how many days holiday will be taken from the employee’s entitlement for that working day.
E.g. an 8 hour day would typically equate to 1 days holiday if booked off, however a 4 hour working day may only equate to 0.5 of a day, therefore only a half a days holiday would be taken if a holiday is requested.

  • The Start, End and Break fields are not required however these can be entered for your records.

Other functions include:

  • Specify the maximum duration of consecutive annual leave that an employee can request (this is in calendar days).
  • Enter the maximum holiday carry over days, which can be entered in Days or Hours in the relevant fields.
  • Specify the company’s holiday year.
  • Choose or create your own default public holiday template. Note that People® automatically update the England & Wales public holidays for you. To create your own public holiday template, click on the dropdown list, select '+Manage This List' and click on the '+' icon. Then enter the template name add the specific dates you require for this and the duration of each day. Click on 'Add Day' to add to the list. Once you are happy, click on 'Save'.
  • Choose whether the total holiday entitlement includes public holidays or not.
  • Specify the holiday entitlement percentage. This is in relation to any employee who accrue their holiday entitlement, depending on how many hours they have worked.
  • If your company requires a holiday return to work form, you can select this here
  • For TOIL, you can specify the number of weeks that any time off in lieu will expire.
  • Select whether holiday requests are authorised from the email or not. When a holiday request is made, the manager will be notified of this (also advising them of any other employee within their team who are on holiday for that duration).Create a 'Length of Service' profile for holiday. You can create more than one rule and select the appropriate rule for each employee or group of employees.

Next, you can chose whether to show the Bradford Factor Display, to enable Bradford factor alerts, change the calculation period and also edit the Bradford factor trigger points. Click on 'Edit' and you can change the lower and upper values per trigger point and also change the wording for the alert.

2. Administrators

Within Administrators, you can view current administrators of the system and also grant admin status to other employees. Simply click on the '+' icon and choose who to give full access to all employees within the system. You can also decide if new Administrators get the notifications.

3. Company

Within the Company settings you can upload a logo, add a mission statement, choose your industry, specify the date format and change the base currencies which you can select within other areas of the system (salary for example) as well as change the colour of the header and left hand side tabs.

You can insert National Insurance Number/Social Security Number as well as bank account and bank code validation regex string. 

  • You may have a policy to reset passwords periodically for security reasons, if so, you can choose to reset all passwords in the system which will simply require the employees to create a new password when they next some to login to the system.
  • The Org Chart can be turned off here if required, and you can also add your own Org Chart external link if you have one.

People can also link in with Single Sign on Software, and this is where you can upload the meta-data file for this. We have more information about one login in our support site -

  • Decide if you want to use Google’s Two Factor Authentication. For more information please see the below link on our support site.

You can also decide if you wish to allow documents to be previewed in the browser or downloaded separately. 

  • Finally, you can select what managers and employee can view within the Company Planner.


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