Logbook Authorisations

Within the logbook, you can setup rules for authorisations. For example, if an employee or a manager makes a change or adds an entry, you can choose one or multiple people who the authorisation will go to for approval.

To set this up please follow the steps below:

1. First, go to any employee record (the change will be made in a single employees record but the change will save across the board).

2. Then click on 'Logbook', select from the dropdown list the screen you wish to edit. Then click the '+' icon.

3. Click on the pencil edit button.

4. At the bottom you will then see an option called ‘Specify Approvers For This Screen'. If you check this box, you will see one or more options appear. This depends on what access the Manager and Employee have to that screen. For example, if the employee has View or No Access to the screen then you cant set an approval for them as they wont be able to add or change anything. However, if a manager or employee has Update access, then you will be able to choose one or more people to be approvers for changes or additions to the screen.

5. Once you have selected the relevant people, click 'Save' and this will apply the rule for that screen on any employee’s record.

6. Note that if you have selected more than one person as an approver, this isn’t a dual approval process, it only requires one or the other to approve.

Logbook Authorisations Exceptions to the Rules
The Logbook authorisation mechanism allows you to specify who should authorise for both employees and managers.
There are some specific rules you may need to be aware about: 

1. If an admin enters a request and the approver is an admin then the request will be automatically approved. This means an admin can approve the request for themselves. On the 'Authorisations' screen, administrators only have 'Pending' and 'Approved'. Administrators will not see 'My Requests' which employees and managers see, based on the fact admin requests will be auto approved. 

2. If anyone on the approver list makes a request, then the request will be automatically approved.
3. Proxy -- if the person is a proxy for the screen that person will be able to see the pending requests as well.
4. We will always show pending and decided requests on the authorisation screen filters for employees, this is because they may at some point become in the future become an approver. In most cases these screen will not be used and the default filter is the 'My Requests' filter for the screen.
5. If you delete the original record the approval request will need to be deleted manually.


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