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Integrate People® & Workable
Integrate People® & Workable
Guidance on how to integrate People® with Workable
Written by Edward Dixon
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People® integrates with Workable so that any applicants that are hired will be added as a new starter in your People® site.

The integration is achieved by our integration server. The People® integration server integrates with other systems and schedules the synchronisation of data so you don’t need to manually refresh data from one system to another. 


1. Go to and create a new account using the Register option on the top right 

2. Login in using your email and password

3. Navigate to the People HR Settings tab and paste in your API key (At least the Employee access needs to be given)

4. Click 'Authorise'

5. Navigate to the Workable Settings tab and populate the fields, the information in this screen can be obtained from your Workable login.

Sub Domain

Your sub domain will be the this part of your URL -

When adding the subdomain, you don't need to use the full URL.  You only need to add the company name which is mentioned.  If using the above example, rather than entering '' you would just add 'subdomain.'

Access Token

The access Token is located in the Integrations section in Workable

Scroll down to the bottom and hit ‘Generate new token’ copy this into the access token section.

Once this is completed you can then select the action that will trigger an applicant to become a new starter on your People® site

You then have three additional options:

Sync Start Date - Specify the current date or date you want to pull the data from. The next time it syncs, it will go back to today's date. 

Select Stage - Specify to pull through all applicants at a certain pipeline stage. 

Sync Job - Specify if you wish to sync job role. 

The two systems will synchronise at two points in the day – 00:00 & 12:00


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