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Printing Individual Holiday and Absence Reports
Printing Individual Holiday and Absence Reports
How to print reports based on an employees holiday or absence
Written by Edward Dixon
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If you're looking for how to build a report that includes a number of employees on any type of information in the system, you'll want to build a query (Admin Only) - please a look at the article linked here: 


Within the People® system, you can print an absence and holiday report for a particular employee. The steps below explain how to do this:

1. Access the relevant employees record

2. Select the 'Planner' from the left hand tabs.

3. In the far right, you will see a little printer icon.

4. Click on this and from here you can select 'Absences', choose the dates you wish to filter between and then click on print.  Alternatively, you can select the 'Holidays' option, which will provide you with all holidays for this employee this holiday year.

Clicking print will produce a PDF sent to your downloads folder, which may look like this:

Tip - Managers also have access to do this for their team.


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