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How to update your email settings and tips for getting emails to job applicants.
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The People® ATS system will send applicants emails on your behalf. Only email addresses that have been validated can be used to send emails from.

If you don't add any sending email addresses of your own we will send your emails to applicants from the email address ""

Add your own email address as a sender

You can add your own email addresses by:

  1. Clicking 'Settings'

  2. Click ATS'

  3. Go to 'Email Settings'. 

If you choose to use your own email addresses to send from then you must read and understand the following:

As the emails sent to your applicants are still being generated from People® to your applicants, although it will seem like they are coming from your email address, they are still sent from our industrial strength email servers.

The 'From' field will list your email address but the 'Sender' field (where the email is coming from) will list our email server instead. 

- What does this mean for deliverability?

Since spammers have been known to use a similar method to imitate legitimate email addresses, sometimes the applicant mail providers will start to mark these messages as spam or block them altogether.  

- How to avoid your emails from being blocked

To avoid your emails being marked as spam, you can verify your domain to let mail providers know that your company has given us permission to send on your behalf, which should drastically improve your overall deliverability rate.

Nearly 100% of companies without verified domains will report issues with missing messages at some point, so we'd suggest working with your IT team to get things verified sooner rather than later.

To verify your domain you will need to provide your IT team with the DKIM and SPF records for your email domain. The best way to do this is to ask your IT team to screen share with you when you are on the Settings, ATS, Email Settings Screen. 

Additional Checks

1. You can also check to make sure your emails are being delivered successfully and using the feedback from this tool:

Create a new applicant with the email address provided by the tool, send an email to the applicant and refresh the screen, the tool will give you your deliverability score and tips to improve 

2. Create a new email domain for recruiting. If outgoing emails to candidates are getting caught by spam filters due to the overall health of your company's domain, consider asking your IT team to create a separate email domain for users on the recruiting team 

3. Create longer templates, Short emails, especially ones that include links, are more likely to be flagged as spam.

4. Add specific content in the body and subject

Sending many identical messages all at once could increase your chance of being flagged as spam.

  **NOTE** If you are Unable to setup DKIM TXT-Value as DNS-Record, please click on the below link - 


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