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Create an email template specifically for your ATS

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You can create email templates to send to Applicants throughout the recruitment process, such as inviting to an interview, hiring, rejecting etc. You can use merge tags to make emails more personal to the recipient.
To create an email template within People HR:

1. Click on the 'Settings' 

2. Click on the ATS tab

3. Select 'Email Templates:

Any templates that you have previously created may be seen in here, you can click on the pencil icon to edit them or click on the X to delete them.

4. Click on the '+' icon to create a new one - you'll be presented with this screen:

5. Give your template a relevant name and description.

6. Choose which email address to send this template from. 

7. You can attach one file to this email. The file should be a non person-specific file as this will be sent out to anyone who this template is used for within ATS.

8. You can enter any HTML by switching to HTML format here:

Your design team may be able to assist with this as it is useful for images and specific formatting.

9. To locate the available merge field options, click the icon as highlighted below:

10. You can then format the text with the familiar icons at the top of the editor.

11. Once you are happy with your template, scroll down and click on 'Save'. This will then save this as an email template which can be used when communicating to applicant through the ATS Applicant Overview page.

-- Formatting look strange? --

You may already have a document saved on an external file that you wish to add to an area of the system, and sometimes this needs to go through the text editor to be displayed. Because Microsoft Word and the People HR text editor are 2 different programs, they both format text differently.

When you paste text from Word, the People HR editor tries to format the text best it can, but it will not be the same, hence why you may find that things are all over the place.

In order to avoid this issue, we advise to strip all formatting from the original document (eliminate bold, italics, colour, bullet points etc.) or copy the text and paste it into the notepad application on your PC - this will do the same without changing the original document. If you then copy the text again and paste it into the People HR editor, then the text will be much more organised, and then you will be able to format the text within the text editor, such as bullet points, bold text etc.

Another option is the button shown above - if you click here and copy and paste your text into the box provided, this will strip most (if not all) the background formatting. You can then format your text within the Text Editor.


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