ATS- Email Templates
To create an email template within People HR for the purpose of ATS communications, please follow the steps below:

1. Click on the 'Settings' and then 'ATS'

2. Next, you will see the option for 'Email Template's, click on this.

3. Any templates that you have previously created may be seen in here, you can click on the pencil icon to edit them or click on the X to delete them.

4. To create a new one, click on the '+' icon.

5. Give your template a relevant name and description.

6. Choose which email address to send this template from. The default option will be but you can add your own email addresses if you wish by going back to' ATS settings' and choosing the email settings option. We have a separate article for this.

7. CC any specific email address in here, set an email subject and also attach a file to this template if you wish. The file should be a non person-specific file as this will be sent out to anyone who this template is used for within ATS.

8. Below you can then either paste or type your email template. At the bottom you also have a little icon with two arrows which will allow you to enter any HTML. Your design team may be able to assist with this as it is useful for images and specific formatting.

9. In the Insert section of the editor, click on the 'Templates help' button in the top right. This will open the merge field window in a new tab. All you need to do is highlight and then copy the required field. Then go back to the People® tab and paste in the merge filed to the relevant area of your template.

10. Repeat this for all other required merge fields.

11. You can then format the text with the familiar icons at the top of the editor.

12. Once you are happy with your template, scroll down and click on 'Save'. This will then save this as an email template which can be used when communicating to applicant through the ATS Applicant Overview page.


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