Delete an Employee
How to remove an employee from your People® system
Written by Edward Dixon
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To Delete an employee from the system, please follow the steps below:

1. Click on the 'Employees' section on the left.

2. Open the record of the employee you wish to delete. Then on the right hand side under Quick Actions, click on 'Delete Employee'.

3. Then, ensure that you read the information about deleting them carefully, and finally click on 'Yes'.

When you delete an active employee or a leaver, the whole employee record will be permanently eliminated from the system. To comply with GDPR regulations, this information will not be stored in the background and therefore we are also unable to retrieve this information. 

You may want to process an employee as a leaver instead - all leaver information is stored on the system for your record. For more information on how to process an employee as a leaver, please see:

Customer Services Team

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