When you log in, the dashboard will be the first page you see. The dashboard appearance differs based on your status (Admin, Manager, Employee)

--Administrator View--

The administrator view gives you a quick insight to how your company is doing. 

Active missions & company stats (The four squares) - Along the top you have your active Missions, this will show you the percentage complete for each mission you are subscribed to.

Holidays Untaken - % of holidays that have not yet been taken in the current holiday year 

Staff turnover - Leavers (in the last 12 months) / (current employees + Leavers (in the last 12 months)) x 100.

About this company -
Mission statement (can be edited in the Settings area) 

Short Absences - % of all absences that are single days in a rolling 12 month period 

Your busiest month - System activity over the last 5 months 

Green half moon - % of days absence against all working days for all staff in the current year 

On Holiday - Number of employees on holiday today 

Off Sick - Number of employees off sick today 

Salary Increase - If there are salary histories this is the average % increase (Annual Salaries only) 

Tasks - Total company tasks 


Timeline of events (The clock)

  • This shows a timeline of events and allows you to see any activity in the system

Missions (The rocket)

  • This shows you a list of missions that are currently active, and you can also subscribe to new ones. These produce tasks in your task lists.

Team News (Three people)

  • This tab shows all those teams and employees who are absent ‘today’. This will allow you to see who in the system is not working today. 

Absences (One person)

  • Finally the last tab shows us absences over a rolling 12 months. This is split up by teams and also by employees. This will show you who has had the most sick days which are included in the absence scheme.

Tip - Only administrators have access to this dashboard information

--Employee View--

As an employee, the first thing you will see when you login in the dashboard. Here you can view and do the following:

  • View statistics about your entitlement. Holidays taken and remaining.

  • What your last holiday was and the next holiday.

  • This is also where you will request holiday.

Tip - You can also add expenses on the mobile app


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