Once you have logged into the People® site, you can start to tailor the settings to your specific needs. The steps below explain these sections. First start by clicking on 'Settings' on the left hand side, then clicking on 'News':

  • Within News, you can select 'In Use', to use the news functionality. You may wish to not make use of this, if you have your own internal news process.

You can define who can publish news in the settings. Either for managers, or by proxy access:

  • For managers: Once the manager has been selected to be able to publish news, you can then choose exactly who they can publish news to. Either by company, location, department or just to their team.

How to publish news

Click on 'News' on the left hand side, and then click on 'Add News'.

1. In this window you can type or paste the news which you wish to publish.

2. At the bottom of the text window, you will see an icon with two little arrows. If you click on this option, you will be able to past any HTML coding you have into the news window. This is very helpful for embedding videos and having more control over how the news is displayed.

3. Once you have entered the news information, below you can specify who the news will be visible by. You can specify certain companies, locations or departments, and if you are manager of a team, you can choose to send this news to only your direct and indirect reports.

4. You have an option to notify the employees via emails and also to allow comments.

5. The news feed will keep all previously added news and you can view, amend and delete any news or comments as you wish.


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